ISLIDE Waves Gel Slide - 'Black/Red Aztec'

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Item: Islide Waves Gel

Color: Black/Red Aztec


What makes these slides so different? It's the patent-pending Waves Gel footbed design, that looks and feels like nothing before. The gel cushions your foot while you walk, absorbing shock and rejuvenating muscles. Inspired by the idea of walking on water, the wave-like design instills this feeling from the moment you put them on. Waves Gel is not only a revolutionary improvement to the slide sandal, but forever changes how we perceive comfort, quality and style.


The first drop (of 3) for the Waves Gel features a distinct Aztec pattern on the straps, and come in red/white and black/white. Only 200 total pairs of the Aztec's will be available. Don't sleep on these because once they are gone they are gone for good. 

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