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7space8 for Politics Every Days


Tucked in the corner of Tyler and 7th Street in Dallas’ historic Bishop Arts District, an unsuspecting storefront houses beautiful pieces of history that look like they’re from the distant future. 7space8 (@7space8) is more than a furnishing store; it’s a carefully curated collection of rare and meticulously designed furniture where every piece is hand-selected by founders Jackson Robertson and Lexee Larue. ⁠

7space8 doesn’t just buy furniture to sell, however, and the founding couple firmly states they run their business out of passion and would never try to sell a piece that they wouldn’t use to furnish their own home. This philosophy is how the company began in the first place, as Jackson and Lexee first began collecting so much furniture for their own personal use that at one point, they had to begin moving it for profit. Selling out of their storage units turned into taking appointments at their loft and after continuing to see greater success, the 7space8 storefront was born. Oak Cliff has welcomed the couple and their brand with open arms and the entire community is excited to see such a fresh, passionate business make its way into the neighborhood. With brands and styles like USM and LIGNE ROSET TOGO, 7space8 carries the best of the best in ultra-rare pieces and lives by the motto “furniture from the past for the future”. Tap the link at the bottom of the page to visit 7space8's website and be sure to visit their beautiful storefront in Oak Cliff, Texas.

7space8 Website