Native Sons / sacai 'Krasner' Shield Set - Black / Black Palladium / LT Grey

Native Sons

Sacai was established by Chitose Abe in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. 
The Sacai collection embodies the notion that women can wear what the
y want, how they want,when they want. By incorporating the idea of hybridization through juxtapositions of contrasting textures of fabrics, and the usage of techniques based on reinterpretations of patterns of the garment, transforming the pieces into unexpected shapes and silhouettes Abe’s interest is in creating clothes that are entirely unique and timeless, innovative and experimental. 
To Abe, who is influenced by observing her surroundings and functions of daily life, the Sacai collection has a distinctive elegance that is based on renderings and transformations of basic and classical items.

Item: Native Sons / sacai 'Krasner' Shield Set

Color: Black / Black Palladium / LT Grey

Style Number: NSPL-034V

Sizing: One Size

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