The Hundreds x Aaron Kai Buns T-Shirt - White

The Hundreds

"The Hundred and Hilo, HAwaii-raised artist Aaron Kai have forged a creative union in mutual respect and friendship since 2014. When we met, we interviewed him and learned about how growing up, Kai used art ad a form of escape, sketching wave-like shape sin class to reminisce that morning's surf. Soon after, he painted a massive wave mural at the The Hundreds Homebase, and due to his creative fervor and unique eye for color, his career took off. Today, the Los Angeles-based 27 year old artist is known around the world for his signature waves and singular take on pop art in bold primary color. He currently has installations in Paris, 6 countries in Asia, and a handful of states stretching across the US. 

The Hundreds by Aaron Kai is the secon part of a collaboration long in the making. Aaron says, "I sent canvas artwork to The Hundreds and sent over inspiration and clothes that I actually had made myself. It was all such an organic process because these are my friends I'm collaboration with." The collection features direct embroidered Aaron Kai iconography designed by the artist, appearing on an MA-1 bomber jacket, denim shirt, hooded pullover sweatshirt, straight leg denim, T-shirt and unstructured snap-back cap. All of the art that appears in the collection is based on a series of 3 paintings Aaron Kai made for The Hundreds family-Ben and Bobby each have on in their homes, and the final one hangs in The Hundreds Homebase. Additional highlights include an all-over print T-Shirt recalling a more colorful bygone era of Streetwear Aaron & The Hundreds grew up in."

-The Hundreds

Item: The Hundreds x Aaron Kai Buns T-Shirt

Color: White

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