Party With Villains 'Day Walking' Snapback

Party With Villains

 Item: Party With Villains 'Day Walking' Snapback

 Royal/Yellow AKA Blue Skies and a Sunny Day

Daywalking, verb.

1. The action of staying up all night and not sleeping during the next day for the purpose of completing work or partying longer. 

Called daywalking (rather than nightwalking) due to the active person being somewhat functional and commonly seen at opening hours of breakfast 

Person 1: "Why did you text me at 5:30 AM?"
Person 2: "Sorry, I'm daywalking and I thought you had red bull."

2. Day drinking

Person 1: "I'm off today what's going on?"
Person 2: "Day walking!"
Person 1: "YES! I will pick up a fifth of vodka and come hang." 

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