Puma CELL Endura OG - Puma White / Classic Green


The 90’s were a fascinating period that saw the boom of visible running technology and reinforced extra-thick performance running footwear styles. Global Sports Brand PUMA was in the midst of this revolution and at the top of their game with access to technologies and innovative solutions. The result was the PUMA CELL.

The CELL was PUMA’s advanced cushioning technology system that was featured in their line of performance running shoes. Made of polyurethane elastomer configured in a pattern of interlocked hexagonal cells, it helped improve cushioning and provided stability. With many concerned about vis-tech being too exposed for potential wear and tear, PUMA put their money on the CELL’s resilience and guaranteed it wouldn’t puncture, go flat or loose air.

From the PUMA CELL range came many exciting iterations, the first version being CELL Endura. With the times going full circle and the 90s being back in fashion again, the OG have returned in their best form yet on the eve of the PUMA CELL’s 20th anniversary. With a distinctive athletic shape and that iconic chunky structure, the new CELL Endura provide a new sense of nostalgia - equal parts geeky and cool.

The CELL Endura has stayed very true to its OG glory, updated purely with new materials and new production techniques. The sneaker’s last was referenced from the PUMA Archive and reworked creating a sleeker toe shape. The original Cell Endura was hand-stitched but technology has come a long way and the updated silhouette will feature digital stitching.

Item: Puma CELL Endura

Color: Puma White / Classic Green

Style Number: 36935701

Sizing: US Mens

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