JSP x Sneaker Politics 'Rougarou' Shorts

Sneaker Politics

The Legend of the Rougarou that has invariably haunted previous generations of southern Louisiana locals practicing cultural Catholicism & living within the swampy coastal region has finally been proven that, in fact, the beast is among us. According to stories originating from the first French Settlers in our region, the Rougarou has patrolled our wetlands with the most evil of intentions to hunt and kill Catholics not willing to follow the strict rules of a six week religious period known as Lent. This six week sacrificial period is observed starting on Ash Wednesday & ends on Easter Sunday. During this years peak of Lent, which is happening now, the nightmarish creature is destined to live up to it's dark & terrifying legend of hunting for blood... and blood only.

Eternal rumors of a transorfmation from the body of a cursed Cajun man into a horrific blood thirsty were-wolf are suddenly altered as the Rougarou has now taken shape as an Instapump Fury that WAS captured on April 11th, 2014 exclusively at our three locations hailing in South Louisiana & through our Online Store.

Legendary tales passed down from the beginnings of Cajun-French folklore were forever re-written as the hunter became the hunted...

Jimmy Sweats x Sneaker Politics 'Rougarou' Shorts


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