Naadam Cashmere Birdseye Stitch Zip Hoodie - Grey/Navy

Naadam Cashmere

1. Quatlity: Naadam is a new kind of socially conscious fashion brand. They support families of nomadic herders in Mongolia and in exchange, every spring, receive the highest quality cashmere in the world.

2. Sustainability: It is a symbolic business relationship, with a mission to give back. The co-founders travel to Mongolia and actually live with these nomadic herders to strengthen relationships.

3. Transparency: Farm to table in luxury fashion, every sweater is linked back to the specific herder that their cashmere came from.

4. Differentiation: No other brand in the wolrd has found a way to connect the bottom line and sustainability.

5. Design: They are making things that are traditionally not done in such fibers. These garments are hip and contemporary but versatile and durable.

6. Luxury: This cashmere is the best in the world. They are sourcing their cashmere from a remote region of the world. Fibers are longer and thinner, creating softer and more durable garments.

7. Pricing: There is nothing else in the market at this p rice. A quality garment like this can genrally run betweem $800 to $1000 dollars.

Adaptable comfort and refreshing style after a winter work-out or on  the morning commute. Look closely for details: antique brass zipper, as well as birdseye stitching on the body and inside of the hood.

100% Cashmere

Item: Naadam Cashmere Birdseye Stitch Zip Hoodie

Color: Grey/Navy

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