The Hundreds x Looney Tunes ACME TNT Tee - Black

The Hundreds

The Hundreds’ co-founder Bobby Hundreds is a huge ACME fan, and the fictional brand’s explosives actually inspired our well-known mascot Adam Bomb. For The Hundreds X Looney Tunes ACME, we created a military-themed collection inspired by real Vietnam War-era helmet graffiti and nose art that depicted Looney Tunes characters. We had fun with the ‘70s-era artwork and embellishment placements throughout the collection’s garments to convey Wile E. Coyote’s ongoing Sisyphean pursuit of Road Runner using ACME branded explosives.
The collection features military silhouettes done in upgraded fabrics and refined fits; an updated The Hundreds’ classic “Perfect Camo” print in deeper, darker tones in some of the collection pieces; a new custom allover print of Looney Tunes characters; and a cartoonishly ’90s inspired “Head” sweater. Accessories include a collaborative The Hundreds X Looney Tunes rug and a set of socks with Wile E. Coyote on one foot and Road Runner on the other.


Item: The Hundreds x Looney Tunes ACME TNT Tee

Color: Black

Style Number: L18F301018


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