About Us

When we opened the doors to Sneaker Politics in 2006, we had no idea the reach it would ultimately have. As an avid sneaker collector, always in constant pursuit of the perfect outfit to compliment his fresh kicks, we knew there was only one thing to do.

Our goal from day one was to mix the absolute best sneakers with the freshest clothing from around the world. We wanted to carry anything and everything that made someone look sick, whether it came from a major sneaker company, or a local clothing company. We reached out to the loyal fans of the sneaker game and offered what we had, nothing more, nothing less. The response was amazing.

We have gained a following that would make most corporations jealous. Not only do we have large numbers of followers and friends, we have the greatest customers on the planet. We have the kind of customers that we enjoy talking to when they come into the store. We share our passion with our customers, and that makes them our friends.

With Sneaker Politics now going into it's tenth year, we have officially made it. We have opened up a second location in New Orleans, and a third in Baton Rouge. We have released countless pieces from our very own line, including tops, headwear, accessories and even footwear. We have taken our dream of the perfect sneaker store and made it a reality.