Air Jordan 14 x CLOT

When the first emperor of China passed away in 210 B.C., he was buried with an army of over 8,000 sculpted figures to protect him in the afterlife. The massive force was carved out of reddish clay, and after being unearthed in 1974 became known as the Terracotta Army. An archaic monument and a pair of stealthy sneakers might seem worlds apart, but not to Edison Chen—designer and founder of CLOT—whose core philosophy revolves around the bridging of Eastern and Western design.

Taking inspiration from that underground infantry, this Air Jordan 14 utilizes a mix of matted suedes and earthy textures to create a look that’s equal parts ancient and innovative. The silhouette features a heavy-duty build that mimics armor and a metal medallion on the heel, and also sports an esoteric hangtag depicting a venerable warrior en route to the rim.


Opened to all USA Customers
Winners will be emailed an invoice by 11PM CDT on 02/10/2021. Please check your inbox and SPAM folders for the email. Pay the invoice by 8AM CDT on 02/11/2021 and the shoes will be shipped to you. If you do not pay by that time you forfeit your pair. There will be no local pick-ups for this release to avoid crowds at stores.  Any remaining or unclaimed pair will be released online at 8AM CDT on 02/11/2021.
This draw will close on 02/10/2021 at 3PM CDT

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