New Balance 'Conversations Amongst Us'

New Balance 'Conversations Amongst Us'

 In a culture where you're only as fresh as your white sneakers and your fit is the perfect conversation starter, communication, both verbal and nonverbal has remained significant in connecting us. Historically and culturally, Black people have communicated with unique words and gestures that don't have to be explained because amongst us it's all understood. From the head nod to dapping someone up to African American vernacular, these styles of communication show a collective respect and admiration for one another. 

“Conversation Amongst Us” is creative directed by Joe Freshgoods in collaboration with Black Soles. Black Soles is an employee-led New Balance community focused on increasing representation and amplifying Black voices inside the company and through the footwear industry. 

Through meaningful conversation, the Black community is able to reflect and learn from each other, almost a form of group therapy. The shared experiences with friends and family provide an outlet to express thoughts and feelings, which can often result in new ideas to positively affect the ongoing fight for social justice. This collection celebrates the conversations that the black community has been having for years, but also promotes the new conversations that people of all races are having now more than ever. 

New Balance 550 'Conversations Amongst Us'

$120 US Men's 7.5 - 13


New Balance 2002R 'Conversations Amongst Us'

$150 US Men's 7 - 13


Release Date: 04/15/2022


Opened to all Louisiana and Texas Customers
Winners will be emailed an invoice after the draw closes at 3 PM CDT on 04/14/2022. Please check your inbox and SPAM folders for the email. Pay the invoice by 845 AM CDT on 04/15/2022 and the shoes will be shipped to you. If you do not pay by that time you forfeit your pair. Any remaining or unclaimed pair will be released in-stores or online at a later date.