Sneaker Politics x Reebok Ventilator

 motivation can come from a vision in your own backyard, or sometimes it arrives direct from a far-off exotic location. Derek Curry, owner of Sneaker Politics, drew his inspiration for this pair of Ventilators from unlikely geographical sourcesOne of my staff takes an outrageous vacation every year. He found this spot in Western Australia, where there's a lake that's totally pink caused by algae. The surrounding grass is a lush emerald green, which gave us all the colours for the first shoe. Then, over in Indonesia, on top of a volcano, there are three lakes side by side. They're almost touching yet each is a totally different colour that makes it look crazy from the aerial photos. One of the lakes is green, one's closer to teal and then there's a deep blue lake as wellSo we placed all those amazing colours together on our second Ventilator. It’s a cool story about travelling to some really remote places!

The materials on both shoes are a thoughtfully chosen blend of different premium leathers. The ‘3 Lakes’ Ventilator is cloaked in a grey suede upper that mixes a trio of perforated nubucks with mint highlights. Sitting pretty on a speckled midsole, the crunchaddition really adda contemporary twist to the Ventilator’s 25 year old good looks.

The ‘Pink Lake’ Ventilator delivers a little extra pop, with fuschia midsoles dominating the colour blocking. Pastel pink suede tongues and micro-perf beige leather offer a nice contract in texture, while emerald green nubuck is the perfect foil to this aquatic double pack.

The Sneaker Politics x Reebok Ventilator ‘Pink Lake’ and ‘3 Lakes’ will be arriving at Sneaker Politics on July 10.