Nike Flow 2020 ISPA

Athletes constantly trim down to the bare necessities. In the Flow, all-day footwear is brought to its most lightweight and breathable through a perforated outsole that allows internal intake of airflow. Think of it as walking on a subtle breeze.

Study of common heat maps of the human foot informed where hotspots are most likely to occur. Then, working with generative design engineers, the framework for the shoe's outsole and its open weave mono mesh was formed to bring ideas born in Nike's past into the future. Designed to push the boundaries of breathability, the NIKE FLOW 2020 ISPA features breathable foam tooling with new mesh materials that are also extremely breathable on the upper. With an elevated & unique design language, this should pique the interest of our fastest consumers.

Nike Flow 2020 ISPA - Black/Reflect SIlver
US Men's Sizes 
Release Date: 08/31/2021

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