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Complex Sneaker Shopping with Luka Dončić


Since our arrival in Dallas in 2018, we have had a lot of memorable moments and legendary people come through the doors of our Deep Ellum location, but none quite like this. We're honored to have hosted Complex's Sneaker Shopping Episode with the global superstar Luka Dončić of the Dallas Mavericks. Sneaker Shopping with Complex is a series of short videos starring celebrities across all industries showing off their sneaker selections and sharing information about what footwear means to them.

Luka has had a long history with sneakers. He recalls Kobe's signature Nike shoes to be his first love for sneakers and later falling in love with Jordan Brand which would later lead to him signing a major deal with the brand. Luka didn't make this episode solely about himself. He chose to take Ollie, a local Dallas student and sneaker head, on a shopping spree instead shopping for himself; A true man of the people. In order to see the full interview and see which sneakers Luka and Ollie left Politics with, check out the video down below.