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Dustin LaFont For Politics Every Days


Houma, LA native, Dustin LaFont, attended Louisiana State University and always got around campus on his bike. He gained a lot of experience learning how to repair bikes when things went wrong. When Dustin noticed a kid down the street struggling with a broken bike, he knew that a good neighbor would provide the tools and insight on how to fix it. However, his neighborly duties didn’t stop there as the child’s siblings and friends all began coming to Dustin for help with their bikes, eventually turning his lawn into an open-classroom environment that neighbors dubbed “The Front Yard Bike Shop.”⁠

Front Yard Bikes continued to evolve into a program beyond just repairing bikes. New programs were added to FYB like gardening, cooking, and welding so that kids could always find areas of accomplishment. FYB’s influence goes beyond the workshop and older members of the program often end up using their new resources to find jobs, attend trade school, and develop careers. Every Friday, the program takes field trips on the very bikes the kids build where they’re exposed to public spaces, universities, and job opportunities within the Baton Rouge community where they can flourish. FYB’s ultimate mission is to create a safe space for youth to realize their intrinsic worth while helping them learn, grow, and build, a goal that has benefitted over 2,000 children, 10,000 bikes and will continue doing so for generations to come. ⁠⁠Learn more about FYB’s impact on the Baton Rouge community and beyond by clicking on the link below.

Front Yard Bikes Website