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E Fades for Politics Every Days⁠


Meet Eric “E Fades” Alderete, founder of Fadebox, a modern-style barber shop that goes beyond cutting hair and has become more of a brand and lifestyle for its loyal patrons. Growing up in the small town of Taylor, TX, E realized that there weren’t many talented local barbers and decided to take cutting hair into his own hands as a hobby. E’s friends let him practice and learn on them and he eventually became skilled enough that more students began signing up as clients, making E’s pastime more like a part-time. E got his first real opportunity as a professional barber in Austin, where he spent three years building a large enough client base to start his shop. With hard work, savvy business partners, and a wizard with the scissors leading the charge, Fadebox was born.

Over time, Fadebox has developed a team of highly-skilled, personable barbers at their two locations who won’t just give you a fresh cut, but make you feel at home while doing so. Fadebox has also taken steps to establish itself as a brand and culture, producing creative clothing collections that look and feel like proper streetwear, unlike most branded apparel. With new shops opening up soon, the Fadebox brand is only growing bigger, so make sure to hit up E Fades and the crew for your next cut; you won’t be disappointed.⁠

To learn more about E Fades and Fadebox, hit the link below and visit their website.

FadeBox Website