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Politics for Oakley Frogskins™️


Oakley first introduced the Frogskins™️ in 1985 to expose a new, wider audience to the superior quality of their performance line in the form of era-defining lifestyle eyewear. In a similar vein, Sneaker Politics opened its doors back in 2006 to help foster sneaker culture in the South and allow Louisiana residents to have a boutique to call their own. Since these humble beginnings, the Frogskins have played a major role for Oakley and Politics has expanded into numerous locations across the South. Our brands still share the same desire to provide high-quality products while improving the lives of new audiences, so understand that when like-minded forces connect, growth is inevitable.

The Politics x Oakley Frogskins™️ release alongside our Politics Fall ‘23 Collection on Friday, 10/20, at 9 AM CT online + at all Politics locations, first come first served.⁠