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Ra Sun Kazadi for Politics Every Days


Ra is an artist, creative, and designer based out of Dallas, TX. His introduction to the art world was through his parent’s books that contained works by Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, and Earnie Barnes. Though he was influenced by art at a young age, his journey as an artist began during his recovery from several serious surgeries from injuries while playing football for SMU. During his recovery, Ra experimented with painting. His preferred mediums are acrylics, charcoals, and ink. It’s through the latter of the two he enjoys the freedom they allow, while the acrylic gives him the ability to stack colors and block out shapes. His style can be described as impressionistic and figurative while also being culturally relevant. He’s created commissioned works for NFL and college athletes. Though Ra’s works have not been limited to just painting, he has also designed clothing for SMU athletics and worked with multiple creative firms throughout Dallas.

Outside of art, Ra enjoys sports, cinema, music, and plant life. He categorizes them all as art in a way and has been able to dive further into these personal interests now that his time in Division 1 college football has come to a close. “I’ve got a little more time after graduating so I’m getting into different plants and just seeing how space and light work." 

Ra will be curating an event on June 18th at DIBS on Victory to showcase different works, clothing, and pieces he’s been working on lately. There will be live music as well as food and drinks. Each GA ticket comes with stickers and a chance to win an original work created by him. You can also check out his works through his Instagram account linked below.

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