Just Don x Mitchell & Ness

Just Don x Mitchell & Ness "NBA JAM Session"

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Launching on August 1st, Mitchell & Ness debuts its NBA Jam capsule, the newest collection in partnership with streetwear designer Don C.

Combining the aesthetic of the iconic 90's video game with the premium Mitchell & Ness sportswear, the capsule features jerseys, shorts, hats, a jacket and t-shirts of the legendary players from NBA Jam. This is the second collection in the Just Don partnership to include jerseys and shorts.

It's through Mitchell & Ness and this collection that we can tell a story of some players who were not traditionally featured in the original NBA Jam, Gary Payton was eager to play himself in the game, and worked with developers to introduce a special edition to include himself and his friends. It was through Payton that the friend Ken Griffey Jr. Also received. personalized version of the game.

In addition to highlights this unique moment in sports, creating jerseys with Gary Payton and Ken Griffey Jr. on them, Mitchell & Ness also incorporated players that were featured in the NBA Jame original game such as Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, Jerian Grant, John Starks and Shawn Kemp.